Laurel Parker Edition


Sara MacKillop


SWATCHBOOK is an artist book celebrating 10 years of self-publishing by British artist Sarah MacKillop.
The samples of materials, images, and colors in SWATCHBOOK refer to favorite subjects of the artist, while also evoking “Presage: Paris Fashion Forecast”, a leading quarterly in haute couture from 1961 through 1987. This folder with 4 foldout screens can be viewed either as a book or taken apart to create an exhibition space.
Silkscreen printing, digital printing, and hot stamping on Colorplan papers, with hand-made elements by the artist, stationery, pens, stickers, and pages from Ikea catalogues.
Edition limited to 15 copies + 3 artist’s proofs
Design : Sara MacKillop and Laurel Parker
Printing : Media Graphic, Rennes
Binding : Laurel Parker Book