Space Has No Meaning Outside of Time



&: Christophe Daviet-Thery


Koenraad Dedobbeleer


Artist book which can be viewed either as a book (page by page) or upright to create a space with volume.
“The edition succinctly visualizes Koenraad Dedobbeleer’s artistic approach: shapes taken from everyday objects, architectural details and sculptural forms. The images of these objects create an interlocking network that can time and again be combined, recombined and shifted around. The edition, which stood as an artwork exemplifies how such shifts are never done in a straightforward manner in his work but instead create a network in which everything is connected to each other."— les presses du réel
Leporello. Series of 200 copies.
Offset printing by Cultura, Belgium.
Binding by Laurel Parker Book.