Shackleton's Endurance



Salto Ulbeek


Franck Hurley


Shackleton’s exploration of Antarctica aboard the Endurance from 1914 to 1917 was documented by photographer Frank Hurley. The negatives made during this odyssey have been restored, reissued and augmented with unpublished prints to offer this wonderful project initiated by Salto Ulbeek in collaboration with The Royal Geographical Society and The Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge. This box includes a book, two sewn booklets and 68 prints, all printed in the platinum-palladium process. These different elements are organized around a removable tray that structures the exploration of the box. Cotton cloth and ribbons forge links with sailors’ clothing and the warm color of platinum prints. Edition and prints, Salto Ulbeek Box design, fabrication and hot stamping by Laurel Parker Book