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Laurel Parker Edition


Françoise Pétrovitch


During the lockdown, we followed Françoise Pétrovitch on Instagram, where she posted daily drawings of birds that she saw from her window. We contacted Françoise and proposed making and edition with these birds – more than a hundred in all ! The result of our collaboration is a box that is both a specimen box when closed, and a mini-theater when opened. The birds in each box – seven original drawings – can be staged, like flowers in an ikebana, the Japanese art of floral arrangement. We look at this arrangement of living and dead birds through a piece of hand blown glass, which adds the irregularities of windows in old houses. The edition is limited to 17 unique sets of birds (A to Q). Each set includes a menagerie of 7 original drawings of birds grouped together by the artist, in a handmade windowed box. Laurel Parker Edition, 2020 • Price on demande