Video boxes for Hélène Delprat



Hélène Delprat


Coinciding with Hélène Delprat’s retrospective exhibition at the Maison Rouge, I Did It My Way, we made a series of video boxes with the Galerie Christophe Gaillard. Graphic design by Camille Morin for the gallery. 5 copies + 1 A. P.

Les (Fausses) Conférences. This video box has the same proportions as a 35mm slide, with transparent black and white images printed on mylar. museum board, and black hot stamping.
-W.O.R.K.S & D.A.Y.S, Hélène Delprat imagined a personalized diary, with gilded edges and spiral bound. Digital printing on Munken Polar paper.
-Hi-Han Song Remix, detail of a painting by the artist printed on embossed paper. Digital printing, black hot stamping on Chromolux paper, museum broad.
-Comment j’ai inventé Versailles. Hand folded Japanese paper, museum board, blind stamping.
-Les chants du guerrier couvert de cendres, An image of a face hidden behind a ski mask, drawn by shiny paper seen through perforations in black suede.