Fragments of Travel Exploration and Adventure



&: Christophe Daviet-Thery


Mark Dion


“In this artist’s book, Mark Dion assumes the guise of an 18th or 19th century scientist who explores an unknown land (he kindly includes 2 maps of this terra incognita) and exhaustively documents the native flora and fauna. The book has been exquisitely constructed to convincingly carry out this fiction: pieces of paper are die cut and assembled and bound into the book to suggest an impromptu but thorough record of the explore’s discoveries and observations.The Iris prints appear to be convincing facsimile of Dion’s faux-scientific maquette.”

Artist book, edition of 36 + 9 AP. Co-production of XN Éditions, &: Christophe Daviet-Thery, and Fabienne Leclerc In Situ gallery. Iris prints by Arteprint, Bruxelles. Case binding, quarterbound in red buffalo leather and Zerkall paper. Cloth pocket in back cover to hold extra prints and two mini-books bound in leather. Guiled cloth chemise.