Et puis le bleu tourna au vert



Laurel Parker Edition


Yann Sérandour


This leporello reproduces 66 covers of the same book by Jean-Paul Sartre, Esquisse d’une théorie des émotions, published by the Editions Hermann, in the form of a long, colored frieze in accordion binding. The shades of the reproduced covers have been arranged in the chronological order of the various reprints of the book between 1960 and 1995. Curiously turning from blue to green, the sequence reveals the progressive degradation of Adrian Frutiger’s original design and retraces the reception of Sartre’s book over time by means of its signs of wear. Leporello, 66 pages, 25 × 19 cm (closed), 1254 cm open, graphic design Marine Bigourie, digital printing Média Graphic, Rennes • 15 copies + 4 HC • Laurel Parker Edition, 2022 • 1254,00 € VAT included