DéfleXions, 1992-2008, by Olivier Culmann



Picto Foundation


Olivier Culmann


DéfleXions, 1992 - 2008, by Olivier Culmann (from the Tandance Floue collective), artist’s edition produced with the support of Picto Foundation, sponsor of the Niépce Prize, as part of the prize awarded to Olivier Culmann by the Gens d’Images association. DéfleXions, 1992 - 2008 presents several cross-roads; attempts or temptations that have marked the photographer’s journey since 1992; various paths he has ventured on. Some of them continue, others left dormant or abandoned forever … The box contains seven series or sketches which have punctuated the work of Olivier Culmann. They show us some of the secrets of a photographer whose work has remained from the outset imprinted with research and questioning.

DéfleXions, 1992 - 2008 “is an artist’s object imagined by Olivier Culmann and Laurel Parker, with the support of the Picto Foundation. 12 copies, signed and numbered.

Photographs and text : Olivier Culmann
Printing : Elisabeth Hering, Vianney Drouin, Patrice Baron, Payram, Guillaume Weihmann, Pierric Paulian et Maxime Le Gall from Picto Laboratories.
Box fabrication : Laurel Parker Book.