245, Emmanuelle Fructus



Emmanuelle Fructus


Emmanuelle Fructus


245 is part of the tradition of fabric books for children and those of artists, such as Louise Bourgeois who cut, sewed and embroidered pieces from her wardrobe to make Ode to oblivion. The pages here are made from bed sheets purchased at flea markets, like the B&W photos of the previous works of Emmanuelle Fructus. Sensitive surfaces testifying to reality, textiles and photo paper share the same relationship to materiality and signify time. Both allow a reappropriation of the work through gesture. 30,3 x 41,5 cm • Silkscreen printed in 6 colors on cotton and linen bed sheets, hand sewn, separate cover with hot stamping • 8 ex + 2 A.P. • Laurel Parker Edition, 2021 •1250,00 € VAT included