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Laurel Parker Book is a hybrid space devoted to artists’ books, at the crossroads of art gallery, bookshop, and design and fabrication studio.

Since 2008, Laurel Parker Book has been designing books, boxes, and artists’ multiples for artists and publishers, as well as for agencies, luxury houses, institutions, and the private sector. Our craft binding workshop is dedicated to artistic creation, beautiful presentation, and the conservation of artistic and heritage works.

Since 2018, Laurel Parker Edition has been publishing contemporary art in multiples, always keeping in mind the book-object and the handmade object.

In 2020, we joined our colleagues at Komunuma, adding to our workshop space a gallery–bookshop–library.


For an appointment, send us an email or give us a call :

Tél : +33 (0) 9 83 93 48 20
Email : laurelparkerbook@gmail.com

Laurel Parker Book
43, rue de la Commune de Paris
93230 Romainville, France

Metro : Line 5, Bobigny Pantin Raymond Queneau
Bus : 145, 147, 318
Car : N3 by Paris, follow avenue Gaston Roussel
Vélib’ : Station Gaston Roussel

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Laurel Parker, founder and artistic director of the studio, studied painting and filmmaking the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Diploma), and art history at Tufts University (BFA). She studied bookbinding and printing at the Center for Book Arts in New York. She was laureate of the Villa Kujoyama (Kyoto) in 2019 in duo with Paul Chamard. She was named Artisan of exception by the Fondation Remy Cointreau in 2019. Laurel gives workshops and conferences in different art and design schools in France.

Paul Chamard, head of the studio’s production, studied etching at École Estienne, where he earned his arts and crafts diploma, and at the HEAR in Strasbourg, where he earned his Master’s degree in the book object. He is responsible for the daily production of projects as well as the technicians who join us for large projects. Paul was laureate of the Villa Kujoyama in 2019 in duo with Laurel Parker.

Agathe Ruelland Remy, graphic designer and studio apprentice, earned her National Diploma of Art in graphic design (with photography option) and her Master’s degree in graphic design / book edition from the ESAM Caen-Cherbourg. She did a semester in the Erasmus program in the Masters program at KMD Art et design School at Bergen, Norway. She is laureate of the Prize for Perfection of arts and crafts for the year 2021 in an apprenticeship at Laurel Parker Book.


  • &: Christophe Daviet-Thery
  • Agnes Geoffray
  • Amélie Ambroise
  • Andreas Varnavides
  • Anna Lena Film
  • Axelle Doppelt
  • Babx
  • Barbara Bénédicte Penn
  • Bibliothèque Littéraire Jacques Doucet
  • Boucheron
  • Brodbeck & Barbuat
  • Calligrane
  • Cartier
  • Chaumet
  • Claire-Lise Havet
  • Clément Lemaire
  • cneai=
  • Costume 3 Pièces
  • Créanog
  • Delpire & Co
  • Denis Boulze
  • Denis Félix
  • documentation céline duval
  • E+K
  • Elaine Ling
  • Emmanuelle Fructus
  • ENSBA-École de Beaux-Arts de Paris
  • F93
  • Fage éditions
  • Fondation Louis Vuitton
  • François Mallon
  • Fréderique Fleurance
  • Galerie Catherine et André Hug
  • Galerie Christophe Gaillard
  • Galerie Jacques Lacoste
  • Galerie Mor-Charpentier
  • Gilles Saussier
  • Gilles Saussier
  • Givenchy
  • Grafikmente
  • Hermès
  • Jocelyn Cottencin
  • Joël Alain Dervaux
  • Laurel Parker Book
  • Laurel Parker Edition
  • Le Bal
  • Le Bal
  • Les Habilleurs
  • Les Paroles Gelées
  • Lola Reboud
  • Louis Vuitton – Cabinet d’Écriture
  • Louis Vuitton – Studio Graphique
  • Luc Delahaye
  • Ludovic Michaux
  • Luna Light Agency
  • m.u.r.r.
  • MAD
  • Magnum Photos
  • Marie Benattar
  • Marie-Ange Guilleminot
  • Marina Gadonneix
  • Maya Mikelsone
  • mfc Michèle Didier
  • Nadim Asfar
  • Nico Therin
  • Nina Ricci
  • Orbis Pictus Club
  • Otravista
  • Paraguay Press
  • Paraguay Press
  • Philippine Janssens
  • Picto Foundation
  • Pierre Paulin
  • Polka Galerie
  • Rosascape
  • Royal Mansour
  • Salto Ulbeek
  • Sara MacKillop
  • Sara White Wilson
  • Semiose Galerie
  • Simone Shailes
  • Studio KO
  • Textuel
  • Tiane Doan na Champassak
  • Toluca Editions
  • Un Livre Une Image
  • Undo-Redo
  • Van Cleef et Arpels
  • Victoria Viennet
  • Wallguest
  • Wildenstein Institute
  • Wildenstein Institute
  • XN éditions
  • Ying Lei
  • Éditions du Solstice
  • Éditions Louis Vuitton
  • Éditions Xavier Barral


  • Member, Grands Ateliers de France
  • Label, Fabriqué à Paris

  • Grant recipient, Paris Création : Fonds de dotation des Ateliers de Paris, la Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso

  • Studio grant, two years, Viaduc des Arts, Paris


  • Multiple Art Days

  • Multiple Art Days
  • FLAT, Turin
  • Salon de Livres Rares & Objets d’Art, Grand Palais

  • Multiple Art Days
  • Salon de Livres Rares & Objets d’Art, Grand Palais


  • Preparatory class, Ateliers de beaux-arts de la ville de Paris / Conference on our artistic journey and edition projects / Alexandra Fau, curator and art history professor

  • Viva Villa, Marseille / Conference on artists’ books / Federico Nicolao, festival curator

  • “Collaboration between the workshops of Laurel Parker Book and Coralie Barbe Restauration” / series Plexus / École Estienne

  • “Artists’ books projects in the studio of Laurel Parker Book” / Center for Book Arts, New York


  • Jury, VAE (validation of earned experience) Master in photography, ENSP Arles


Université Rennes 2 / workshop edition 3rd year Licence professionnelle Design graphique, éditorial et multimédia (class of Yann Sérandour and Jocelyn Cottentin ), 2020–2022

EESAB Bretagne, Rennes / workshop edition 2nd year graphic design (class of Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié, etc), 2011–2022

Parsons Paris / presentation of book edition / AMT Art Media and Technology / (1st year class of Tamara Rosenblum), 2021

EMI École des métiers d’information / workshop edition photo book (invitation of Jean Larive), 2020–2022

ESAM Caen / workshop edition 2nd year graphic design (class of Juanma Gomez) 2018–2021

Lycée Eugénie Coton / workshop edition en 2nd year communication (class of Yoan De Roeck), 2019

ESAM Caen / workshop edition in Master’s program book edition (class of Juanma Gomez), 2018

ENSA Nancy / workshop edition photo book with Marina Gadonneix and Remi Faucheaux / 2018

AA School of Architecture, visiting school Paris / workshop edition, 2017 & 2018

INP Institut national du patrimoine / workshop conditioning archival materials, 2017 & 2018

Pôle supérieur de design Nouvelle Aquitaine / Plastic practice and Mediation UE5, DSAA 2nd year design, 2016–2017

Pôle supérieur de design Nouvelle Aquitaine / workshop edition in 1st year DSAA (with Élisabeth Charvet & Mahaut Clément), 2017

F93 / workshop edition, dispositif ULIS at middle school Pasteur, Villemomble, Laurel Parker & Paul Chamard

Center for Book Arts, New York / instructor, bookbinding and paper arts, 2001–2011

École spéciale d’architecture, Paris / workshop edition, 2009

SVA School of Visual Arts, New York / workshop edition, 2001

Horizons New England Craft Program, Williamsburg, Massachusetts / workshop rbookbinding and paper arts, 1996–2001

Massachusetts College of Art, Boston / workshop edition, 1998



  • Les vies minuscules / Festival Viva Villa, Collection Lambert.

  • Collectionner, conserver, exposer le graphisme : Entretiens autour du travail de Dieter Roth / EESAB Rennes et le FRAC Bretagne.

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